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Your Daily Dose of Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill Daily
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Daily dose of Henry Cavill

About This Community
This community is predominantly for sharing pictures of gorgeous up and coming British actor Henry Cavill. All posts MUST contain a picture, no exceptions. Videos are fine as long as they contain original movie/interview footage ie no fan videos.

If your post contains a large image (wider than 600 pixels across) or multiple images, please use an lj-cut. And warnings are always appreciated if not work safe!

NO HOTLINKING. Posts containing hotlinked images will be removed.

Membership is moderated, which means all new members need approval. The only criteria for membership is a valid, active LiveJournal. It doesn't matter what's there, as long as there's something there. Empty journals WILL NOT be approved. If in doubt, please ask.

Any issues, questions or problems - feel free to contact me, qween_tartii, at my LJ.


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